If something broke, scroll down to the Common issues first, as the most common issues are listed there.

The most common issues, along with tips and tricks, are addressed in this page, but you can always contact the ones responsible for Charged Miners in the IRC channel #charged-miners on Esper. You can also report bugs and add feature requests here.


Charged miners is easily installed, you only need to download the launcher, which is done through the big Download button on the website. Charged miners needs a texture pack, but it can get that from the Minecraft on your computer. If it says it cannot find one, go to and play Minecraft classic, this gives charged-miners all it needs.



The launcher provides many options to connect, the most basic of which is “Sign In”, entering a username and password gives you a server list from which you can pick the one you want. If you were handed an URL to join you can paste that in the obvious field to join the server immediately.

Useful is the “Resume” tab when you play on the same server a lot, this tab usually directly lets you rejoin a server, without needing to look through a list of any sort, and keeps working when is down.

The “Direct” tab uses an URL scheme that bypasses Minecraft’s login servers, and thus still can be used to join any server when is down.

“Options” and “Tools” let you do some black magic, there is, for example, a “failsafe” checkbox in “Options”, this will use a simpler graphics path, lowering graphics quality but preventing crashes on some AMD cards. There’s also an “Upload Log” in the “Tools” tab which contains a secret chant that, when preformed by initiates, shows them exactly what went wrong.


Charged-miners plays very much like Minecraft does. You can place and destroy blocks through clicks of the mouse pointer, select blocks with middle-click, walk around, chat, and so forth.

But it also lets you do more, you can freely place special blocks like water and lava, you can fly around and go five times as fast. There’s even an option that makes you fly through blocks like a ghost, while still retaining visibility.


The following keys are usable:


Most of the configuration is done through the in-game esc-menu, or in the launcher. When you’re in a server, pressing ESC brings up a menu where various game aspects can be changed, pressing ESC again or clicking “Close” closes the menu. (“Quit” closes Charged-miners altogether!) If you prefer, many of these options can also be changed through the custom /client command.


If you suffer from low frame rates, there’s a couple of things you can do. The biggest causes of a low frame rate are the shadows and anti-aliasing (aa), it may also help to decrease the render distance, but Charged-miners usually handles far rendering much better than’s client.

Texture “Packs”

Charged Miners support both Modern and Classic terrain.png’s. Normally it will use the texture from the installed Minecraft version on the system. You can overwrite this by placing a terrain.png in the texture folder, this folder can be found via clicking the “Open data directory” button in the “Tools” tab of the launcher, or the “Open textures & screenshots” button in the esc-menu of the game itself.

The file should be called terrain.png for a Modern Minecraft terrain.png and terrain.classic.png for a Classic Minecraft texture. This is important or things will look very odd.

You can also replace the background in the menu. It looks for two files background.png is centered on a black background in the middle of the screen. While background.tiled.png is tiled over the screen.

Troubleshooting down

If is down, neither login nor the server list will work properly. Luckily the “Resume” and “Direct” tab will continue working, as they don’t need you to log in.

The game crashes when loading at 90%

This seems to be common on older AMD cards, try updating your driver or enable “failsafe” from the launcher’s “Tools” tab.

Your problem not listed here?

If nothing here helps, get your help directly from us!

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