Weekend update 7

Again we need to thank Scoot for his continuing amizing work on the Launcher. Which just now moved to the Charged organization under github. A lot of work has been put into behind the scene changes to make the Charge game engine a lot better and nicer to work with.

But what about the fun stuff you say? Well player physics has been added, that seems to be quite close to how Minecraft Classic works, with the exception of water/lave physics not being there yet. Also the fog/background is no longer just a solid blue wall, its a completely nested scene so anything can be put in it, like mountains off in the distance.

Currently the help page is a bit lacking, some help would be greatly appreciated, both for Charged Miners and the Launcher. No fancy html knowlage is required as its all written in a the super simple markdown format, see here, you can just checkout the source for this page here.

Just run the launcher and it will update it automatically!

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